Cleaning floors London

Washing windows and cleaning floors London – 25th September we realized the machine floor cleaning and cleaning of windows, glass escalator and elevator and other glass surfaces. Events took us 6.5 hours in nine workers and consumed 9 liters of cleaning chemicals .

In this contract in London we machine- cleaned 1380 m2  of  floors.  We guarantee  quality machine floor cleaning  to our customers due to the weight of the disc machines which our company uses. Their weight is approaching 40 kg to approximate wheel diameter of about 40 cm , and its head is still possible to add weight 10-15 kg. This single disc machine is able to thoroughly clean any type of floor. For deep machine-cleaning of floors we also use high quality cleaning chemicals. In the next step we use special vacuum cleaner to completely get rid of all impurities.

Our next task was to provide a washing and cleaning glass surfaces in London. We washed windows in the total size of 314 square meters , and other glass surfaces in size 163 square meters . For washing windows and other glazed surfaces, we use a trick called dry polishing. We wash glass area and in the final stage of washing , polish the glass surface , but without using any polishes .