Graffiti removal

In removing graffiti from untreated surfaces graffiti-proof protection is important to the customer in advance to point out that the removal percentage is in the range 60-90 % . For some types of surfaces noble materials (marble , terrazzo , granite , natural stone ), the spray paint can get deep into the structure of the material and it is difficult to completely remove . After removal of graffiti remain in some places shadows that even with repeated trials can not be removed . In these cases it is necessary to call another professional company , for example . stonemasons who have marble crystallize . For facades and structured renders it necessary to count forward by the removal of graffiti from untreated surfaces will also remove the color of the facade . In practice, we put the graffiti thinned down to the greatest possible extent and location to paint the facade paint . Paint out graffiti immediately and do not remove it is not appropriate and does not produce a satisfactory result . Graffiti usually shines and its original contours are visible.