Window washing

Ordinary 14 – 27 Kč/m2
Excessively dirty and after construction 27 – 47 Kč/m2

Tower work

Window washing od 34 Kč/m2
Washing facades od 34 Kč/m2
Cleaning of steel structures, trusses, sprinklers, mars bridges, pipes, air conditioning and all other distributions and structures at heights od 37 Kč/m

Graffiti removal

Pollution by spray paint od 290 Kč/m2

Cleaning services

Washing hardwood floors with rotary machine – general cleaning (tile, PVC linoleum, Marmoleum, marble) od 24 Kč/m2
Treatment floor protection with self-shining emulsions (tile, PVC, linoleum, Marmoleum, marble) – 3 layers od 47 Kč/m2
Carpet cleaning with rotary machine + extraction method od 24 Kč/m2
Upholstery Cleaning – seating place od 200 Kč/ks

Cleaning facades

Cleaning and spraying facades and cladding of buildings with pressurized water with active cleaning ingredient Flamil super 3 od 64 Kč/m2
Antigraffiti protective coating Bellinzoni – anti-graffiti strip vapor – 3 layers of protective emulsion 60 - 90 Kč/m2

Additional services

Repair of the facade after graffiti removal by applying the appropriate color od 120 Kč/m2
Purification and unification of the substrate od 24 Kč/m2
Penetration facades – fixing older and disturbed surface od 30 Kč/m2